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Free Traffic Bot

• Generate YouTube views, SoundCloud plays, or site visits. Free for our Rotating Proxy users.

• Custom the traffic source: direct, organic (with any keywords), social, or custom referrer.

  Like Real Devices

Our traffic bot has 6500+ OS (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.) + browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) combinations, 1300+ screen sizes, and 200+ languages, as well as their popularity in the real world.

  Like Real Visitors

Our traffic bot can simulate the behavior of real visitors. Real visitors will stay on the page for a while and view 2~3 pages on your site. Our traffic bot can do all those like them.

  Easy Setup

We design the user interface careful, only leave the necessary option to the users. Moreover, our traffic bot integrates with our proxy system. There is no complicated setup anymore.

Free Traffic Bot

A free tool for our proxy users to generate traffic from thousands of IPs.